Bred Weinstein claimed in an interview on Triggernometry:

They also removed pierre cory's congressional testimony he testified in front of the senate on the very same topic and Youtube removed what. This is absolutely factual he testified on this topic and youtube removed it.

Did Youtube take down Dr. Pierre Kory's congressional testimony about how he treats his COVID-19 patients?

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    Are you asking about Youtube in particular? C-Span posted a video. It may be that the Youtube post violated the rules for copying from other sources. – Daniel R Hicks Jun 19 at 13:02
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    @DanielRHicks : I'm asking whether Youtube took it down. That means someone posted on Youtube and Youtube made a decision to remove it. C-Span has videos of the whole proceeding but usually not individual speakers which makes those videos less shareable. – Christian Jun 19 at 13:16
  • @Christian The point you are being asked about is why did YouTube take it down. – mmmmmm Jun 19 at 13:52
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    Before we can ask Why YouTube took it down, we must ask Did YouTube take it down. This question is only on Did YouTube take it down. – GEdgar Jun 19 at 14:35
  • Is this surprising? Just being said before Congress doesn't make something acceptable. If someone issued a call to murder racial minorities before congress, would you want that video published widely? – DJClayworth Jul 15 at 18:41

Yes, they did.

The one video that was censored was "Dr Pierre Kory Senate Testimony". It is now displayed as just:

This video has been removed for violating YouTube's Community Guidelines. Learn more

And of course, this "learn more" is then Google's COVID-19 medical misinformation policy

Don’t post content on YouTube if it includes any of the following:

Treatment misinformation:

[...] Claims that Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine are effective treatments for COVID-19

As evidenced by Senator Ron Johnson on his webpage "Youtube Censored Me":

enter image description here

The censors at YouTube have decided for all of us that the American public shouldn't be able to hear what senators heard. Apparently they are smarter than medical doctors who have devoted their lives to science and use their skills to save lives. They have decided there is only one medical viewpoint allowed, and it is the viewpoint dictated by government agencies. Government-sanctioned censorship of ideas and speech should frighten us all.

Read my full piece on this Big Tech censorship in the Wall Street Journal: YouTube Cancels the U.S. Senate

Note: YouTube gave us 5 hours warning before deleting Dr. Kory's testimony from my YouTube channel. A few days later the video of that same testimony was also taken down from Fox News Now's YouTube channel, where it had nearly 8 million views. We've seen the video on other YouTube channels like Bloomberg and PBS. The question remains, why selectively delete Dr. Kory's testimony?

Evidently, the 'problematic' video is still to be found on YouTube, in various incarnations, short and long, but on other channels. The apparent arbitrariness of the very selective censorship left many baffled:

Kory he was "unsurprised" by YouTube's recent actions since he was "already made aware of that testimony video being taken down from numerous other people’s Youtube channels," but questioned the timing.


"Why this week? After two months of it accumulating a massive amount of views?" Kory wondered.

A spokesperson for YouTube defended its actions, stating "We enforce our Community Guidelines considently, regardless of speaker and without regard to political viewpoints. In accordance with our COVID-19 misinformation policy, we removed the two videos in question."

— Joseph A. Wulfsohn: "Physician slams YouTube's 'extremely misguided' decision to pull Senate testimony about COVID treatment Dr. Pierre Kory testified to lawmakers in December about promising COVID treatment ivermectin", BIG TECH BACKLASH Published February 9, Fox News, 2021.

The FLCCC issued a statement called "FLCCC Response to Senate Testimony Removed by YouTube" (PDF)

If anyone is interested in what Kory said precisely in his testimony before the committee, it is also available in written form from the senate website, with additional 'evidence' in the form of references he used to base his statements on: Testimony of Pierre Kory, MD — Homeland Security Committee Meeting: Focus on Early Treatment of COVID-19 December 8, 2020

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    How is it "government sanctioned censorship"? Youtube is a private company and can make up its own rules. its the American way. – George White Jun 19 at 17:22
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    Who wrote "gov sanctioned"? You downvote an answer because you disagree with a phrase a senator used, which is then quoted here? What should I do now? Censor the senator again and/or alter a quote? – LangLаngС Jun 19 at 17:37
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    The casual use of “censored” and “censorship” in the answer is somewhat loaded. – jeffronicus Jun 20 at 16:25
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    "Loaded" needs an explanation as to 'why' & 'in what way' to be useful as a comment. the word & concept is used here as in "From 1640s as 'official empowered to examine books, plays (later films, etc.) to see they are free of anything immoral or heretical.' " As the statements in the video that were censored are heretical to the one true religion that governs YouTube, it seems like a nice fit? – LangLаngС Jun 20 at 16:54
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    @Bobson That's an accident of different deciders on different channels. The question is about YouTube censorship, which is clearly limited to what they control. And this is only notable because YouTube is a monolith with millions of regular users that rarely go elsewhere. – fredsbend Jun 23 at 14:44

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