In this video, UFO historian Richard Dolan cites some of the FOIA released documents that explicitly contradict the official stance on UFOs at the time.

General Nathan Twining states:

"The phenomenon reported is something real and not visionary or fictitious"

Full statements can be found in the first few minutes of the video, which references leaked CIA documents and memos.

Did the Federal Government lie about their interest in UFOs and systematically misinform the public about the issue since as early as the end of the Second World War?

This question is not about determining whether UFOs are flying craft. It's about whether the US government engaged in misinformation campaigns.

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    Is keeping classified documents classified a cover-up? Please take our tour and refer to our help center as and when you need guidance. Welcome to skeptics. – A Rogue Ant. May 20 at 21:02
  • Yes by definition.. If the classified reports contradict the official reports that include studies that are falsified to In turn become cover stories and misinformation. Referring to bluebook and Condon report. – Kugutsu-o May 20 at 21:14
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    Removed mention of vague, unreferenced "recent" revelations. Removed question-begging summary of "obvious" conclusions. Removed unreferenced evidence that attempts to prove the existing of unknown flying craft. Removed change of question half-way though. Removed motivation questions; they are off-topic here as unanswerable. Removed "credible observer" red herring. Removed definition of UFOs. – Oddthinking May 24 at 18:06
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    Now the question is focused, we have a tricky problem. If one part of the government/military come up with a claim ("I saw something in the sky"), and another part come up with a conflicting statement that is either (a) ignorant of it, (b) deliberately omits it, or (c) considers it, weighs up the evidence and rejects it, we cannot conclude that this is evidence of a cover-up, merely that different parts of the government have issued inconsistent statements. Therefore, I cannot see how can this question could ever be answered. – Oddthinking May 24 at 18:18
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