A WhatsApp forward I received says the following.

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Dr Rajendra Kapila, Infectious disease expert with Rutgers University was visiting India due to his father in-law's poor health. He got infected with covid and died yesterday in India. His friends here are sad and in disbelief how quickly he passed away.

Apparently, he had both shots vaccines in USA. Irony is he was infectious disease doctor. So sad to know this. Looks like the vaccine may not be as effective with the new variants.

After two Pfizer vaccines shots in US, this doctor travelled to India to see his parents and succumbed to Indian variant.

This news article confirms Dr. Kapila's passing.

But is it true that Dr. Kapila got his two Pfizer Covid vaccine shots in the US prior to his recent India visit?

Also, is the suggestion that the Pfizer vaccine is not very effective against the Indian variant, true?

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    Assuming Dr. Kapila had received both Pfizer shots and contracted COVID-19, 1 case report does not mean the Pfizer vaccine is "not very effective against the Indian variant." May 5 '21 at 20:27
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    Vaccines don't provide 100% protection against anything.
    – Joe W
    May 5 '21 at 20:29
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    This is about the medical history of a private individual, and there is debate over whether such questions are acceptable here. See skeptics.meta.stackexchange.com/q/3540/6308 May 5 '21 at 20:59
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    From the article linked, "It was not known if Dr. Rajendra Kapila was vaccinated prior to visiting India." So only the WhatsApp message claims he was vaccinated. May 5 '21 at 21:41
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    Actually the current events rule should probably apply. Some articles claim he was vaccinated and some claim it is unknown. No source for the claim. Even Snopes concludes they are unable to find whether he was vaccinated or not.snopes.com/fact-check/dr-rajendra-kapila-dies-covid-19 May 5 '21 at 21:47

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