In a 2016 editorial in a Bangladeshi newspaper, Water war now in India’s Silicon Valley, Aziz Rahman wrote:

A war on water was about to break out when President Ayub Khan of the then Pakistan threatened to bomb the Farakka. He was restrained by the world leaders.

He is referring to President Ayub Khan and the Farakka Barrage.

This was similarly reported in a 2014 comment thread:

Ayub Khan threatened India to bomb Farakka Barage (sic), if it was put into operation,

Did Khan make this threat?

  • Not clear how this is "notable". Those two nations are tossing threats back and forth almost daily. – Daniel R Hicks Oct 17 at 0:53
  • @DanielRHicks, Aziz Rahman is a scholar based in Australia. I just wanted to see a cross-reference. – user366312 Oct 17 at 5:20

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