There is a "press release" circulating on the internet. It purports to have been written by Maureen Healy, the protestor who received a blow to the head from a projectile in Portland, Oregon. This morning on Facebook, a friend posted the image below.

https://pamplinmedia.com/pt/9-news/474921-383910-lewis-and-clark-history-department-chair-shot-at-protest enter image description here

The same statement has also been posted by Feminist News on facebook, with thousands of shares and comments.

My question: is this statement authentic?

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It's authentic. Lewis and Clark College posted Sharing Professor Healy’s Protest Story with Congress on their website, which links to a letter from the college's president, Wim Wiewel, and includes the same statement from the professor at the end of the letter.

Here is another link to that letter.

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