An October 7th segment of Fox News and Friends is available on YouTube

McCarthy: More people want to investigate Biden than impeach Trump

House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy says at 3m19s:

More people in America want to investigate what Biden has done (and his son) than want to impeach this president.

He elaborates at 5m20s:

There's going to be a new poll that comes out that those who current agree that [they] want the President impeached, 73% of them already wanted to impeach before anything they saw [in the recent news]. The majority of Americans (63%) believe he shouldn't be impeached for anything on that phone call.

So, is this claim true? Are there any polls on how many Americans want the Bidens investigated? (I assume there are some regarding Trump's impeachment.)

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    I found a related poll (about whether Americans think Trump asked the Bidens to be investigated) but not quite on this (whether Americans themselves want the Bidens investigated) businessinsider.com/… – Fizz Oct 8 at 5:21
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    I am concerned that the question title, video title, 3m20 quote make one claim (that more believe Biden should be investigated than Trump impeached) and the more elaborated version makes a very different claim (that more people after hearing about Trump's alleged phone call had their minds changed to now believe that Biden should be investigated than had their minds changed to now believe that Trump should be impeached over the phone call). The latter claim is far more prosaic. – Oddthinking Oct 8 at 14:09
  • I haven't seen this supposed 63% poll, the only polls regarding this situation around 63% are the ones where 62% of Americans think that DT acted inappropriately – DenisS Oct 8 at 14:32
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    Not sure if this is a good fit for the site because the "truth" of this is difficult to determine and may be in flux. – antlersoft Oct 8 at 17:24
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    @Mazura: Statistical sampling - e.g. via a well-run poll - is a reasonable approach to finding out the opinion of a large group without asking every member. Having an answer that quotes a poll is a reasonable way to answer. – Oddthinking Oct 9 at 2:46

Are we talking representative polls by reputable pollsters, or "online polls"? Is being in favor of an impeachment inquiry the same as "wanting Trump impeached"? Lots of wriggle room there.

How many Americans want the Bidens investigated?

CBS News sees 43% "in favor of further investigation", 29% saying "too soon to say". As per the same article, 55% approve of the impeachment inquiry.

USA Today / Ipsos has 42% "seeing valid reasons to look at the behavior of Joe and Hunter Biden in Ukraine" (52% agreeing that "President Trump asking Ukraine to investigate Biden is an abuse of power"), while 45% say "the U.S. House should vote to impeach" (up from 32% in June).

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    Obviously we should look at the most reputable polls. Otherwise almost any claim can be "validated"... – Fizz Oct 8 at 8:02
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    @Fizz: The Ipsos poll comes with information on the methods used (in the updated link). Whether that agrees with your demands for a reputable poll is up to you (and beyond my paygrade ;-) ). I'd expect McCarthy to at least mention the source for his assertion, though, because what I did find doesn't back him up. -- That being said, neither a Biden investigation nor an impeachment inquiry is a matter of public vote. – DevSolar Oct 8 at 8:07
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    I found this MorningConsult poll in the meantime. It's only among Democrats, but there allegations against Biden don't seem to make a difference in voting intention the primaries. But it's not asking about whether they think an investigation (of the Bidens) should happen. Combined with what you've posted it seems there's almost total polarization on this, i.e. Republicans believe mostly Trump (and his story) and vice-versa for Democrats. – Fizz Oct 8 at 8:15
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    @Fizz : by "reputable" most people mean sources from the same political side they identify with... – vsz Oct 9 at 4:13
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    @vsz: Actually there are reasonable ways to rank pollsters that don't involve that level of subjectivity. Although such rankings sometimes do expose consistent bias by a given pollster. – Fizz Oct 9 at 4:32

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