ARA news - a site with English-language news regarding Syria an the Kurdish-majority regions in particular, has posted this item:

Captagon, The Drug Fuelling the War In Syria

where it says:

Half of the amphetamine seizures in the world take place in the Middle East, and Syria is one of the three top countries where these seizures take place. While Captagon might provide ISIS with the physical energy they need to keep fighting past their natural limits, it may also offer ISIS with the financial strength they need to sustain a costly and futile war.

Now, the article does not make very clear allegations regarding the use of Captagon by IS fighters. Still, this makes me wonder:

  • Is there evidence of massive use of Captagon or other psycho-active drugs (Marijuana aside) during the Syrian civil war of 2011 and onwards?
  • If so, by which of the participant forces? (Yes, I know that's a bit of a trick question because on the Islamist rebels side there are dozens of organizations and they switch names a lot.)

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