There is a product called the pelvic clock that claims to have numerous benefits for back and hip conditions and pain once of those conditions it claims to improve is Flat Back Syndrome.

is there any evidence to back this up.

Additionally, the website where the pelvic clock is sold claims the following

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    This is a tricky one. The question currently reads as though the claim is "Here is a magic device that will make your pain go away." The claim is "Here is a device that will help you do core-building exercises and stretches. Doing core-building exercises and stretches will help you with back pain." (By analogy: This isn't the medicine. This is the sugar that helps the medicine go down.) – Oddthinking Aug 6 at 3:45
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    The claim that core-strength and stretching may help lower back pain is likely well-researched and answerable. (It would be better to select just one of the injuries described, so it isn't too broad.) The claim that this device helps you do those exercises is going to be harder to answer. – Oddthinking Aug 6 at 3:47
  • @Oddthinking I think I could split it into a few different questions claims read anything that may benefit from exercise – user1605665 Aug 6 at 5:21
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    Are you suggesting the questions "Does exercise help herniate disc pain?" "Does exercise help scolioisis pain?" etc.? I would suggest asking just one first to see if we needs clarifying and you are happy with the answers you get, rather than firing off lots of questions at once. – Oddthinking Aug 6 at 14:40
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    "Cut your spinal stabilization workout time in half" also seems like a pretty significant claim. – Ben Barden Aug 6 at 15:13

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