The following image is frequently circulating when WWII is discussed:

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Poll in France: "In your opinion, which country contributed most to the defeat of Germany in 1945?" (Source: polls IFO 1945, 1994, 2004, 2015)

According to the image, 57% of of people in France believed that the USSR contributed the most to the defeat of Nazi Germany in 1945, while only 23% shared the same view in 2015. Are there actual statistics to back up this claim?

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    The "IFOP" cited by the image is a real French polling firm founded in 1938, so that part checks out. All that remains to be verified is whether it conducted these specific polls, and if so, whether their results match the graph. – F1Krazy Jun 6 at 18:38
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    What's the reason for being skeptical of this? – DJClayworth Jun 6 at 18:59
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    @DJClayworth I somewhat doubt the 1945 poll was actually conducted. – JonathanReez Jun 6 at 18:59
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    I still feel there's something hiding beneath. You didn't ask (in your title) whether the 1945 poll was taken, you ask about the outcome, as if somehow there's something curious about it. In fact, I feel much more curious -- or rather, irritated -- about how the US is considered to be the "war winner" today. So... yes, I too am somewhat surprised that they polled in 1945, but I am not at all surprised at its outcome. The historical misrepresentation came to life only much later... – DevSolar Jun 7 at 8:57
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    As a matter of historical perspective in 1945 many people in the Allied countries felt that the USSR had born the brunt of the fight against Hitler. As the Cold War set in and the USSR became thought of as the enemy opinions changed, to the point where by the end of the century many did not realize that the USSR had fought on the Allied side. – DJClayworth Jun 9 at 1:44

Yes, it is true

This document (PDF, in french) is a summary of the recent and previous polling by IFOP, written by IFOP and hosted on their website. Page 5 has the question, and a table with answers and percentage choosing each answer.

It appears that the question was "Quelle est, selon vous, la nation qui a le plus contribué à la défaite del’Allemagne en 1945?" and 57% of respondents chose "L’URSS, l’Union Soviétique" when asked in May 1945, dropping to 23% in May 2015. The question in the image seems to be a faithful translation of the original question, given my limited french.

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    I'm French and I confirm that nothing was lost in translation. – Gilles Jun 6 at 23:25

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