I've heard a lot of rumours about this, its a common suggestion that "Millenials" are lazy and entitled, partly because they were given "participation medals" in school.

By searching the web, I have found plenty of blog posts decrying their use, but the majority of the literature I've found is from secondary sources.

Being born in 1985 I should in theory have received several myself but I don't remember this being a phenomenon at any point during my education.

Are participation medals handed out routinely? For what activities are they handed out?

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    Could you provide a link for the claim? Also, I believe the claim you are referencing is whether the psychological phenomena exists, not whether participation medals are real. Edit: I have deleted the question "Are participation medals real?" – Barry Harrison May 4 at 22:43
  • Does this question belong on a different stackexchange? – gburton May 4 at 22:53
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    No, I am not saying that. I am saying to provide a version of the claim that people who want to answer can easily access. – Barry Harrison May 4 at 22:57
  • Anecdotally true: my kids collected a large amount of medals and trophies and a fair amount of them were participatory. – Hilmar May 4 at 23:09
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    (Born in 1949 and the practice never seemed so odd to me.) – Daniel R Hicks May 5 at 0:51

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