According to DG ISPR of the Military of Pakistan, Gen. Asif Gafoor, on 27th February 2019, Pakistan Air Force's jets engaged IAF's jets and "shot down two IAF jets".

On the same day, India claimed that they shot down a Pakistani F-16. In the video it could be seen that, during the press briefing, before reading out the statement, the spokes person of Indian Ministry of External Affairs, said

"Namashkar! Good afternoon! I welcome you all to this media briefing. I am joined by Air Vice Marshal R G K Kapoor. I will read out a prepared statement on recent developments on India-Pakistan front. We will not take any questions after my statement. ..."

while the assistant chief of Air Staff of the IAF Air Vive Marshal RGK Kapoor was sitting completely silent. Also, reading a prepared statement, and not taking questions afterwards seemed to be fishy.

During the press conference on 27 February 2019, Gen Gafoor said:

"... apart from that, I was watching Indian media said that they too shot down one of the F-16s of Pakistan. First thing to say is, Pakistan has not used any F-16 particularly in this entire action, or there is no such news that any of the Pakistan's jets were down. Now let us talk about...".

After more than 32 hours of the original incident, at the evening of the next day, 28th February 2019, India showed a wreckage of, allegedly, an AIM-120C5 AMRAAM missile. RGK Kapoor was seen reading out from a pre-prepared written statement. Also, personnel from one of the Indian ministries was seen to be administering the event.

Pakistan's Foreign office dubbed Indian claim as "completely baseless".

Secondly, there was not much row seen from the US-side regarding the alleged abuse of F-16s by Pakistan.

Was any Pakistani F-16 really shot down by Indian Air Force at that day? If Yes, can it be confirmed either by Scramble.nl or F-16.net?

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  • This question is about an ongoing event in a volatile situation. It is very unlikely that a definitive answer can be established at this stage. – DJClayworth Mar 13 at 15:24
  • @DJClayworth, the soot-down part is over. If an F-16 was really shot, neither Pakistan nor India can build another plane with the same serial number. – user366312 Mar 13 at 16:33
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    @DJClayworth The events in question are two weeks old. There is a chance that definitive proof has come out in that time. – BobTheAverage Mar 13 at 16:54
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    @user366312 I think you are over-optimistic that a pair of user-edited wikis are going to give you 'confirmation' of something that the intelligence communities of the world can't confirm. – DJClayworth Mar 13 at 17:01
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    @user366312 scramble.nl and f-16.net is exactly what I meant by "a pair of user-edited wikis". Did you think they were some soft of official intelligence network? – DJClayworth Mar 14 at 0:18

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