There is a lot of discussion regarding US requests of other NATO members paying "their fair share" and having "debts" towards NATO where it seems mostly vague what exactly the US, or concretely the US president, thinks why and what other members owe anything. To focus on something concrete:

This article https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/6745786/nato-contributions-country-who-pay-most-least-2-percent-gdp-target-trump/ claims "The United States contributes the most to the alliance, funding around 70 per cent of Nato spending."

Is there a bill/listing of NATO spending and who pays how much for the resulting costs? And is the US paying 70% for such NATO incurred costs?

To me it seems possible that the the article is merely quoting the sum of defence spending and considers that as "NATO funding". Would that be valid? The existence of such an official "spending" list would be interesting even if the answer regarding the article is that this line refers to the overall defence spending.

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    Welcome to Skeptics! There is no claim that there is an "official NATO spending list". There is a claim that the US's spending on defence accounts for 70% of all spending on defence by NATO countries. [With a graph to illustrate this] Is that the claim you are doubtful about? – Oddthinking Feb 10 at 20:46
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    @Oddthinking Actually it is two-fold. The claim as in the articles and elsewhere is "The United States funds around 70 per cent of Nato spending" (or often simply claimed "the majority of spending), implicating there is spending in the name of NATO or for NATO (operations), i.e. spending that happens because NATO exists. So the question asks whether this could be meant as it is implied and there is NATO spending that can be attributed to countries funding it or whether the statement is generally misleading and it is really always about the defense spending which might contribute to NATO [cont] – Darkwing Feb 11 at 9:45
  • defense capabilities and therefore can be seen as some indirect support of the defense treaty but it might as well not be a contribution to defence (e.g. cost spent on ongoing operations not supported by a NATO "mandate" etc.). But it wouldn't be NATO spending, i.e. not somehow covering costs explicitly incurred due to decisions on NATO level. So I'm interested which is meant, and whether in that context it's true. – Darkwing Feb 11 at 9:48
  • The Sun article you cite is fairly clear: "Nato members committed in 2006 to paying a minimum of two per cent of their gross domestic product (GDP) on defence" "Nato members have agreed to spend two per cent of economic output on defence every year by 2024". There is no claim that they are having to send (the equivalent of) cheques mark "Pay to: Nato", or that Nato gives a detailed specification ("spending list") of exactly how the money must be spent. There is no claim here to match your question. – Oddthinking Feb 11 at 10:04
  • @Oddthinking To me the line "The United States contributes the most to the alliance, funding around 70 per cent of Nato spending" implies there is spending by NATO which has to be covered by the member states. – Darkwing Feb 11 at 10:39

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