I am having hair loss right now and I have to take finastericed, procepia, minoxidl and other tablets in order to not lose my hair. I have to buy those products until the end of my life. Do you think the Industry is actually intrested to create such a Cure? Because it's a Billion Dollar Business

The pharmaceutical industry is in no way interested in curing such diseases.

Imagine that there would suddenly be an active substance that would cure the affected person permanently from their illness. If it were to come onto the market - certainly not.

Another example: Every year around 100,000 people die of antibiotic resistance in the United States. Several hundred thousand people in the USA contract the disease. Why: because the development of new antibiotics is not financially worthwhile for pharmaceutical companies.

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    "antibiotic resistance" isn't a disease you can contract. It's an effect of people who stop taking their prescribed antibiotics too soon, causing certain bacteria to develop a resistance to the current antibiotics we have. And it's not that finding new antibiotics isn't financially feasible, it's that it just isn't feasible, period. We found the ones we currently have by accident, and we don't really know what to look for. Can't make money if everyone is dead from super-bacteria. – TheWanderer Feb 8 at 21:16
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  • @TheWanderer - Antibiotic resistance is also being caused by feeding antibiotics to healthy farm animals (to increase weight gain) and by the misuse of antibiotics by medical personnel. And a valid argument can be made that no one looking for new antibiotics because there's no money in it. (The last couple were as a result of concerted efforts, not "accident", but those efforts seem to have ceased.) – Daniel R Hicks Feb 12 at 20:39

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