In this video the popular YouTuber BrightInsight claims that a geological structure known as Guelb Er Richat or the Richat Structure in Mauritania should strongly be considered the lost city of Atlantis.

To illustrate the claim, here is a picture of the Richat Structure compared to an artist's rendition of how Atlantis could have looked like based on Plato's descriptions:

enter image description here enter image description here

There seem to be many coincidences / parallels between Plato's story and the Richat Structure, such as the size of the formation, mountains to the north, findings of elephant bones in Mauritania, a freshwater well in the center of the Structure, various archeological findings indicating possible human settlements, the grographical location, etc.

Here is what Wikipedia writes about the claim:

One location that has been proposed for the location of Atlantis is the Richat Structure.[101] It lies near Ouadane, which was a Portuguese trading post and learning center established in 1487.[102] The structure's dimensions are claimed to be similar to those described by Plato.[103] This structure is generally considered to be a deeply eroded domal structure that overlies a still-buried alkaline igneous intrusion.[104]

Here are a few newspaper articles about the story:

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    There is always the possibility of Plato hearing something or seeing something about Mauritania and writting the Atlantis tale as it.. – T. Sar Feb 4 at 10:16
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    Given that Atlantis is a fictional place, I don't see how any place on this earth can be proven to be Atlantis. The best you could do would be to find some real place that Plato knew about that could have served as the inspiration for the fictional Atlantis. – JRE Feb 4 at 12:17
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    @Adrenaxus: A fictional character insists that a fictional place is real. By that logic, we should set about searching for Gotham City since Batman insists that he lives there. You might find New York as the inspiration for Gotham City, but you won't find Gotham City. – JRE Feb 4 at 12:48
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    I don't quite understand the question to be honest. Is the claim that the Richat Structure is the actual location of Atlantis, and what we can see are the remains of that city? If so, the geological evidence that this is a natural structure would be enough to make this claim implausible. Or is the claim that Plato knew (about) the Richat Structure, and used his knowledge about the location as a model for Atlantis? If so, any evidence that the structure was known to Classical Greece would make this claim somewhat plausible. So, in order to answer the question, we need to know the actual claim. – Schmuddi Feb 4 at 13:45
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    @JRE Plato is a real person not a fictional one. Whether he made up the tale of Atlantis or not is less clear that Wikipedia supposes. The reason many have presumed it is fictional is because no real location has been found that matches his description. That leaves the question open. – matt_black Feb 4 at 18:18

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