I was recently sent this image via social media, claiming that a baby with given name Netflix de Jesús had been registered earlier this year in Colombia:

This is not entirely an implausible claim, but it does sound just a liiiiittle bit too good to be true, and the first page of google hits (example, example, example, example) seems to be mid-range news outlets that are just riding on the (then-viral) image from social media.

Did this in fact happen? Or is it indeed too good to be true?

  • Well, although Clarín (Argentina) and 20 minutos (España), are high volume newspapers, both cited "EFE" News Agency (efe.com) as the source.
    – ESL
    Nov 22, 2018 at 5:07

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It's Fake. There are no records in the local authorities database regarding this certification. And the form is not the one used for that kind of certifications.


However, there are some other names found in Colombia (not Fake) like Jesucristo Hitler Paracelso Zeppelin, Batman Roberto, Deportivo Independiente Medellin (yes, a soccer team), and Rocky Rambo.

This article (in Spanish): https://colombiacheck.com/chequeos/es-falso-que-hayan-bautizado-un-colombiano-como-netflix-de-jesus

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