The website www.petakillsanimals.com/ alleges on the home page (scroll down once) that "95.9% of animals under PETA's care have been killed in one year" as seen in this screenshot:

95.9% claim

In that post, they make a sweeping claim that includes all of PETA. They claim that a staggering percentage of animals in PETA's care are killed. This claim is repeated with varying percentages throughout the website. For example, here they claim the figure is "up to 97.4% in a given year", again referencing "the animals in its care" rather than "the animals in [specific shelter]":

enter image description here

However, when I click "View the Evidence" I essentially see the following:

  • In one specific shelter, 85% of the animals admitted to the shelter were euthanized
  • In three cases, PETA workers have wrongfully (and horribly) kidnapped and euthanized pets
  • PETA uses tactics, campaigns, and ideology found disagreeable by the website.

The evidence presented regarding their Virginia headquarters has been addressed in another, related question. However, their claims regarding PETA as a whole have not been addressed.

My question regards the "all animals in its care" portion of that statement. On that website, they make broad sweeping claims about PETA's euthanasia rate, but then they only provide evidence for that statistic with one specific shelter. I see no evidence showing that this rate is representative of all of their shelters, nor that 95.9% or 97.4% of animals in their care are euthanized when looking at PETA as a whole. Indeed, I see no evidence presented about any other shelter besides the one in Virginia. However, they are not claiming that PETA euthanizes 95% of the animals in one shelter; they are claiming that PETA as a whole euthanizes 95% of all animals in their care. My question is about that claim.

Are these claims made on their website substantiated by evidence of any kind? Does PETA as a national organization euthanize 95.9% of animals in their care?

  • This question is offtopic as it is not about a notable claim but it does ask for further info to an existing question. This is best achieved by offering a bounty on that question. I linked the two questions as a convenience for all. – Sklivvz Feb 14 '18 at 12:48
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    Appreciate the feedback. The claim is notable (they make it multiple times on their website), but that fact was not clearly shown in the question. I have updated to make that clear. Additionally, the linked question does not answer this question - that question addresses claims about one specific shelter. My question addresses claims about PETA as a whole. I have also updated to make that clear. – Dacromir Feb 15 '18 at 2:55

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