There is this quote floating around (got it via Facebook) attributed to Albert Einstein:

„Der Hauptgrund für Stress ist der tägliche Kontakt mit Idioten.“

Which I would translate to:

The main reason for stress is the daily contact with idiots.

Now it struck me rather odd that he would have said that, and doing a short research I couldn't find a quote with a source.

So I fired up Google Trends and there is a sudden rise in August 2016, before that date the words I would search that quote with have almost no hits. "Einstein Stress" produces results because there is the stress energy tensor in English.

  • Where on Facebook? – Brythan Feb 11 at 22:23
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    Posting a "joke" to the Internet is a good way to start "false news". – GEdgar Feb 11 at 22:54
  • 2
    I’ve found a non-English page that seems to mention this though I haven’t tried running it through google translate to see if it’s talking about this quote, or to see how notable the example is:… . Ironically, the biggest problem I had, while googling for Einstein idiots, was another bogus Einstein quote about technology making us idiots, which was rather self-fulfilling. – Andrew Grimm Feb 12 at 0:55
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    Does a product you can buy on Amazon count as a notable source? And then there is this blog entry, but that blog has a lower Alexa score than my own - so probably not very notable either. – Arsenal Feb 12 at 11:33
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    the following German blog strongly suggests (based on google n-grams) that Einstein didn't say the above phrase: – tsttst Feb 18 at 2:16

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