Ages ago, I heard about something called "The Puppy Channel" - a channel in the United States that broadcast nothing but puppies.

On Reddit's TIL (Today I Learned), there's a Reddit post, with over 3000 upvotes, saying

TIL there was a cable network called The Puppy Channel. All it did for three years was broadcast footage of puppies playing. (en.wikipedia.org)

Was there a cable channel called The Puppy Channel which broadcast for three years footage purely of puppies?


According to this episode of This American Life, Dan FitzSimons started the Puppy Channel in June 1996, and worked on the concept for 5 years. Unfortunately, no cable distributor bought the show.


The Wikipedia article has since been deleted, with one user citing Puppy Channel Is Dog Tired, written in 2005, suggesting that the channel never existed:

Last week, an e-mail promoting the Puppy Channel rained down on nearly every member of the Broadcasting & Cable staff and, we suspect, on many, many others in the media.

The e-mail’s sketchy wording—the “big dogs” that attend the NCTA convention this week “may have indicated the channel’s time might have arrived”—reminded us that we’ve been hearing for nearly a decade about the imminent launch of this channel devoted to the pairing of lovable pups and nice music.

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but journalists can be a puppy’s faithful companion. A sampling ...

Introducing The Puppy Channel: The Greatest Invention of the 1990s, written in October 2015, says it was never successful:

Unfortunately, The Puppy Channel never became its own cable network, and the pilot [tv show] stopped airing sometime around the start of the new millennium.


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