A habit I've gotten into, when I have time, is intentionally keeping the line open when I get automated or heavily scripted telemarketing calls. I got into this a long time ago because I had been told or read that it ties up their lines and keeps them from bothering someone else for the 2 minutes the sales pitch takes versus just hanging up. Given how long I've been doing this I felt it wise to review the habit.

This claim is made by sources like this one which makes the claim that:

If everyone spent 2 minutes talking to every telemarketer that called them, telemarketing as an industry would go out of business in a few days.

It obviously wastes some resources. I am skeptical of the amount or cost of those resources. Further the source seems centered around human-driven calls as opposed to pre-recorded or AVR (automatic-voice-recognition) based calls.

There is even enough desire to do this that one company is offering a paid service to keep marketers on the line with a robot.

Does this habit have any meaningful impact in tying up the resources of a marketer?

Phones don't really have "lines" anymore. I'm certainly not tying up a physical landline. Do modern VoIP systems have any constraints on the number of outbound calls made at one time?

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