On 11 January 1966, the Prime Minister of India Lal Bahadur Shastri passed away in office.

He died in Tashkent, at 02:00 on the day after signing the Tashkent Declaration, reportedly due to a heart attack.

In his book Beyond The Lines, journalist Kuldip Nayyar claims that there were some unusual circumstantial evidence:

The bluish tinge and white patches on Shastri’s body were strange and had perturbed his family. There had been no post-mortem and yet there were cut marks on his abdomen, as though his stomach had been washed from the insides.

He also claims that the enquiry into his death was plagued by suspicious deaths.

In the site thequint the following information is given:

Cause? Heart Attack! Yet, a Russian cook was arrested on suspicion of poisoning & let off after hours. Shastri's wife Lalita Devi was shocked to see his body on return. "Why is his body blue?" "Why are there cuts on the stomach?", she asked. People continue to ask: "Why no post-mortem caried out?" Shastri's personal doctor RN Chuch & family die in road accident while on their way testfying before a committee. Shastri's personal attendant Ram Nath meets almost the same fate. Several RTI pleas to declassify documents turned down. "I'm willing to believe my grandfather died of a heart attack. But at least declassify the documents", said Shastri's grandson Sidharth Nath Singh. How the healthy 62-year-old PM with no vices died suddenly is a mystery that's endured till today.

In the site quora Amit Algotar argues that few points which make death of Shastriji suspicious are:

  • The KGB suspected poisoning
  • Shastri’s near and dear ones see a needle of suspicion pointing towards an insider's hand
  • No post mortem was carried out on Shastri’s body
  • RTI responses muddied the water further
  • Where are the records of the first inquiry into his death?
  • What about the witnesses?
  • What of the CIA agent's word?
  • Was the Russian butler involved?
  • Why was Delhi Police asked to handle the retrieval of docs?

Likewise there are countless sites on the internet arguing about this.

So is it just one of those many conspiracy theories without any proof behind it? Or is there any evidence to support the theory that he was really poisoned?

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