Thomas Hamilton was responsible for the 1996 Dunblane School Massacre,

In 1991, Detective Sergeant Paul Hughes reportedly recommended that Hamilton's firearm licence be revoked - but the police took no action and the specific reason was "sealed" following the Cullen Inquiry:

Mr Hughes, who took early retirement on medical grounds in December last year after reaching the rank of superintendent, had asked his superiors to consider revoking Hamilton's firearms' licence five years before the killings. He had also recommended that Hamilton should be prosecuted over his conduct at a children's camp.

Douglas McMurdo, then the Deputy Chief Constable at Central, decided not to take any action and the local procurator fiscal ruled that it was not in the public interest to prosecute Hamilton.

Source: The Telegraph, 10 Feb 2003

There were accusations in a book by Sandra Uttley that there was a cover-up to hide that the police had treated him specially in allowing him to retain the gun licence.

Sandra Uttley claims that elements of the police were part of a paedophile ring and part of a cover-up.

Uttley said: "Central Scotland Police should never have been involved in a so-called independent inquiry.

"They were implicated in the events under scrutiny and continually provided Hamilton with renewals of his gun licence despite long-term and repeated warnings that this should not happen.

"It was known that Hamilton had friends in the police force, including one highly placed officer.

Source: Aangirfan

Is there any evidence to support or refute claims of any cover up?

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