I've seen this image floating around on Facebook and Twitter:

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We have been horribly Islamophobic, and we deserve each act of terrorism that is inflicted upon us. - Emmanuel Macron

Did Macron really say this, or something like it?

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    Sorry but this "meme" is not a "meme", it only has a few retweets and shares...
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Probably not:

I couldn't find any evidence he said this nor any evidence that might suggest he hold views which similar to one in the quote. I did find the following:

Assuming that "we" refers to the French then we find that the quote is contradicting other (actual) statements he made:

Les Français ne sont pas islamophobes, mais l’islam radical fait peur.

Avec les Britanniques et les Allemands, les Français sont le peuple d’Europe où les opinions antimusulmanes sont les moins répandues, et les plus nombreux à penser que les musulmans veulent s’intégrer. Mais les opinions défavorables ont progressé après les attentats.


The French are not Islamophobes, but radical Islam causes fear.

With the Britons and the Germans, the French are the people of Europe where anti-Muslim opinions are the least wide-spread, and the most numerous in thinking that Muslims want to integrate themselves. But unfavourable opinions have grown after the [terrorist or murder] attempts.

— Mr. Macron, on his website

Source: New York Times


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