Many web-sites claim that Einstein's brain was smaller than average. For example, in this 2005 phys.org article:

Einstein’s brain weighed only 1,230 grams, less than the average adult brain which weighs about 1,400 grams.

However, this figure was measured after his death when he was 76 years old, and brains shrink with age.

Is 1,230 grams less than the weight of the average 76-year-old's brain?


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It's below average for men his age:

Einstein's brain weight was 1230 g, which is within the average range, but below the mean, for men of his age [11, 14].
Alterations in cortical thickness and neuronal density in the frontal cortex of Albert Einstein

The "1400 g" is younger (on average) group; a closer estimate for his age range is less (but still more than 1230 g):

Our control mean of 1400 g is similar to values of other studies of large groups of white men of similar age range (30–70 years)—eg, mean fresh brain weight=1399 g, n=1433, mean age=53 years.20 For the age-matched subgroup, mean (SD) fresh brain weight was 1386 g (149). In a large study, mean fresh brain weight for a 70–80 year age group was 1342 g, n=253.20
The exceptional brain of Albert Einstein

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