The Shillong Times:

The greatest admirer of Hitler and Mussolini was Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, a leading RSS member who coined the term Hindutva and advocated reconversion of the converted Hindus back to Hinduism. He said in 1940 that Hitler was not a human monster because he was a Nazi. “Nazism proved undeniably the saviour of Germany”, he proudly proclaimed. Savarkar criticised Nehru’s staunch opposition to fascism teaching Pandit Nehru that Hitler knew better than him what suited Germany best. Gandhi too was derided by Hindu nationalists for opposing Nazism and fascism.

The RSS might have not explicitly been anti-Semitic but Savarkar praised Hitler’s inhuman treatment of the Jews. In 1938 while supporting anti-Jewish legislation in Germany, Savarkar justified their being driven out of the country because they were minorities in that country. He recommended a similar action for Muslims in India. Today RSS’s hatred for Muslims is likened to Nazis’s hatred the Jews.

Did Vinayak Damodar Savarkar say, “Nazism proved undeniably the saviour of Germany”?

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