The Wikipedia page for the 2013 corruption scandal in Turkey says:

On 24 December, another video began to circulate that shows Ali Erdoğan, nephew and bodyguard of Prime Minister Erdoğan, instructing a police commissioner to abuse the detainees who had protested his uncle and hurling insults at him when he refuses.

Google video search doesn't list any relevant video. Is there a publicly available video that shows Ali Erdoğan instructing a police official to abuse detainees?


The video Turkey PM Erdoğan's Nephew Threatens Police To Torture Teacher Under Arrest was published 23:59:24 on Dec 23, 2013, so I think it's the video you're looking for.

The video quality is horrible, but it at least contains a transcript in English (warning: language):

ALİ ERDOĞAN: man .... still you say, You cannot let them sit.
POLICEMAN: man ...There in nothing like that I cannot let them sit.
ALİ ERDOĞAN: You cannot let this man sit down.
POLICEMAN: why i cannot let him sit
ALİ ERDOĞAN: you will keep him on his feet
POLICEMAN: everybody that comes to a police office can sit down
ALİ ERDOĞAN: you will keep him on his feet
POLICEMAN: That is inappropriate
ALİ ERDOĞAN: he had been insulted the prime minister, so you will keep him on his feet, but you had let him sit down.
ALİ ERDOĞAN: you are such a man, so I SHIT ON YOUR MOUTH, here in front of everybody
POLICEMAN: Mr. would you like a thing to be done to you...(that you don't want)
ALİ ERDOĞAN: This is Prime Minister, not an ordinary man
POLICEMAN: You did it for yourselves, go away
ALİ ERDOĞAN: twerp, I, I KILL you
POLICEMAN: what is this, what does it mean that i will keep him on his feet
ALİ ERDOĞAN: you will keep him on his feet
i will keep him on his feet hah
ALİ ERDOĞAN: immodest man.
ALİ ERDOĞAN: he says he lets him sit down. FUCK OFF. man he cannot let, he will keep him on feet.
OTHER BODYGUARDS: brother Ali, brother Ali ok...

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