According to Breitbart1, Emma Watson starred in a movie which they claim grossed approximately US$61 in the UK:

After having spent years starring in the blockbuster Harry Potter film franchise, Emma Watson’s latest film, The Colony, pulled in a paltry £47 in her native United Kingdom this weekend — or about $60.75 in U.S. dollars.

Source: Emma Watson Movie Flops with $61 Opening Weekend, 7 Jul 2016

Other news seems to corroborate this:

Emma Watson’s first major film role since the end of the Harry Potter series met with a lukewarm box office response, after taking only £47 in its opening weekend.

Source: Emma Watson's new film, The Colony, takes just £47 in opening weekend, 6 July 2016

While the movie did have a staggered release worldwide over the course of many months, it does appear that at least the timing matches those news stories:

UK 1 July 2016

Source: IMDB

I am having a difficult time finding accurate, consistent numbers for the movie's box office releases. Several news sources make a similar assertion, but the only official numbers I can find that are not aggregated are from IMDB, for Italy. All other numbers seem to indicate the total theatrical run for the UK, or the total run internationally.

Did The Colony (2015) truly gross £47 (USD$61) in its opening box office weekend in the UK? If not, how much did it gross?

1 Yes, I know this is the opening line of several bad jokes.

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This is what the British Film Institute documented in their July 1-3 2016 report.

UK weekend box office report: 1-3 July 2016:

Rank: 84

Film: The Colony

Country of Origin: Ger/Fra/Lux

Weekend Gross: £47

Distributor: Signature Entertainment

% change on last week: -

Weeks on release: 1

Number of cinemas: 3

Site average: £16

Total Gross to date: £47

A meager £47 isn't quite as sensation as it may appear though when you see their stats are being pulled from only 3 theaters.

I don't know if it was released in more than just the 3 theaters that reported these stats, but that's enough ticket sales for a couple of people in each theater.

There were also many bigger films released that weekend.

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