From @JPY_Kurdish, https://twitter.com/JPY_Kurdish/status/812759470669529088 with thousands of RTs and likes:

Putin calls for cultural self preservation of European tradition, religion & race, criticizing today's globalists who ruin God's diversity.

Did Vladmir Putin give this talk?

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Yes, he gave the talk, and the translation is authentic.

A blog post TRANSCRIPT: [Putin at] Meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club [partial transcript] has a transcript matching the clip which was tweeted, and says that it's from the Valdai International Discussion Club, and was given on 19 September 2013. It gives a link to the YouTube video Broadcast: Vladimir Putin's Speech at the Valdai Club's Plenary Meeting.

The Wikipedia article on Valdai International Discussion Club gave http://valdaiclub.com/ as its official home page, and it in turn links to https://www.youtube.com/user/ValdaiClub , the uploader of the video.

The BBC has an article about this speech: Russia's Putin shines at Valdai summit as he castigates West. The bottom half discusses the content referred to in the tweet.


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