I was listening to a podcast, and they said that an increase in minimum wage would disproportionally negatively affect African Americans and Hispanics in the US. The reason being is that when the minimum wage increases more people enter the labor market and some have better qualifications for jobs like more education. Since the employer is now paying the same amount for people both with and without, let's say, a high school diploma, they will pick the person that graduate high school. And since, on average, African Americans and Hispanics have less education(1) they lose out on potential employment. The podcast said this was from paper, but I have done some digging and haven't been able to find it.

This post is not a duplicate of Do minimum wage laws create employment conditions that are racially biased against blacks? because it is about academic research not the claims of an economist vs. an activist. This is more about the paper 1)if it exists and 2)if the methodology used is valid.

(1) Table 1 on this report by US Census Bureau

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