I came across an interesting video found on Facebook. It claims to be high school children in Russia working within a high school course. The interesting thing is that the children are assembling and disassembling an assault rifle. I have my doubts that it's a normal high school course. I seem to have found the original video on YouTube. It sounds like Russian that they are speaking, but other than that there's no evidence of the claim.

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    I did not watch the video full, and I was not able to listen to it. However, the youtube video caption says that these are "The "Patriot" competition among the students of 9-10 grade". For me (as a Russian) this seems very probable, i.e. I can easily imagine some competitions in something like of 'warfare knowledge' that may include assembling/disassembling a rifle. I can even imagine a real school teaching this as a part of some special, most probably non-mandatory, course. But definitely this is not a "core education". – Petr Oct 31 '16 at 18:04
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    Assault rifle courses are available to high schoolers in the US as well: theguardian.com/us-news/2016/may/14/…. I don't think this would be part of any school's curriculum, but it is a course for high schoolers. – called2voyage Oct 31 '16 at 18:07
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    You found the original video and still posted this question? It looks like a random video uploaded by someone who lives somewhere in Russia. How would we verify such a video from scientific sources? Your question is not answerable and therefore should be closed. – Sakib Arifin Oct 31 '16 at 20:33
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    @mohammad Do they have these kinds of classes in Russian high schools? If yes, are they common? Seems pretty damn answerable. – fredsbend Nov 1 '16 at 0:51
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    I can't answer for 2016. But when I was in school in USSR, assembling and disassembling AK was indeed part of 100% standard curriculum (as well as marksmanship, on the range, but not sure how standard that was), as part of "civil defense" class. – user5341 Nov 2 '16 at 14:05

First of all, yes, it is secondary/high school (common education).

Yes, this video is a very likely record of an actual school lesson (however, there is no clear evidence that it is). Here is another school lesson about AK.

A specific lesson about AK-47 may be included into the course of Principles/basics of personal and social safety which is studied in schools, here is an exemplary course plan saying:

К концу года обучения учащихся должны: З н а т ь: требования воинской дисциплины, обязанности солдата, дневального, обязанности солдата перед построением и в строю, назначение, боевые свойства, общее устройство винтовки , автомата, правила стрельбы из стрелкового оружия, порядок проведения стрельб и требования безопасности при стрельбе. Обязанности солдата в бою, организацию мотострелкового отделения и основы боевых действий. Историю развития оружия массового поражения, сигналы оповещения ГО. Способы измерения расстояний, способы определения сторон горизонта. Правила наложения стерильных повязок, что такое раны и их классификация, правила выполнения процедур п


Students are ought to know: requirements of army discipline, obligations of a soldier ...... the tasks, technical qualities, structure of a rifle, automatic rifle, rules of firing a gun, the order of carrying a range practice and safety requirements for firing a gun.

This Google query reveals some lesson resources about AK-47 (I could not find an official recomendation which advises it). There is also a short (few days) military training taking place during last years of education.

Certainly the competitions in assembling AK-47 are not usual part of education but a lesson about AK rifle is.

Sidenote: the gun sample is mechanically safe of course.

  • In the USA, "high school" is "secondary school". Children typically of the ages 14 to 18 attend secondary school. Is this what you mean? – fredsbend Nov 15 '16 at 18:57
  • @fredsbend: yes. I left a clarification because I was not sure. – Euri Pinhollow Nov 15 '16 at 19:04

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