Each device will have a different SAR value and follow this side https://www.rfsafe.com/samsung-cell-phones-rated-lowest-radiation-cell-phones/ they have say low SAR phone better than high SAR phone

FACT: Users of the twenty highest SAR cell phones sold in the U.S. can absorb up to four times as much radiation in their heads as users of the twenty lowest SAR cell phones.

But in some side http://www.earthcalm.com/dont-get-fooled-sar-ratings they say New Information about SAR Ratings

Unfortunately, after the FCC’s initial report, new evidence came out about SAR in 2010, that a low-SAR phone doesn’t give you a safety advantage after all. In fact, it was determined that it can actually be worse than a high-SAR phone.

This is because some low-SAR phones emit higher total SAR in brain tissue than higher-SAR phones—it’s just spread out a lot more throughout your brain tissue.

And the reason these low-SAR phones emit higher total SAR is that they’re less efficient at getting their signal to the base station and so need to work at a much higher rate to compensate. The FCC finally admitted their mistake—but for some reason, the information didn’t get out well to the general public.

So if both phone is in the same environment, low SAR phone or high SAR phone will better for health? Or I can not compare it base on SAR value

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    Really, when all this bullshit about cellphones and radiation will end? It's getting really old now. (Not a critic to the OP, mostly to the media in general) – T. Sar Sep 27 '16 at 11:28
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    Also, it's worth to note that for one to be "better" than the other, they must do some sort of damage to one's health - which, as far as we know, they don't at all. This question, and the claim behind it, is meaningless. – T. Sar Sep 27 '16 at 11:31
  • It would surely help if you explained the SAR abbreviation in your post... – user22865 Sep 27 '16 at 13:17
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    This question is irrelevant until a causal relation between health and normal cell phone use has been proven. Then it would be a sensible question. Voting to close as one of the many 'mobile phone health' questions. – user22865 Sep 27 '16 at 13:20
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    Once again a scare story about phones that bandies the word "radiation" around willy nilly. It's a word that's a real gift to scaremongers because a) it sounds really scary but b) it's actually so vague as to be meaningless. Radiation could mean heat, light, radio waves, even noise if you want to use the broadest possible definition of "radiation" as "anything that radiates from a source". – GordonM Sep 28 '16 at 8:24

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