A reddit user has several archived posts showing questions about stripping emails for a "VIP" customer.

Some people have attributed those posts to Paul Combetta, an employee in charge of Hillary Clinton's controversial email server, and conclude the "VIP" refers to Clinton.

The Gateway Pundit

According users on Reddit, Combetta asked for assistance in July 2014 from Reddit users on how to purge emails and how to strip VIP’s email address from “a bunch of archived emails.”

The Political Insider

Paul Combetta, an IT specialist who helped Hillary Clinton wipe her server clean of evidence requested from federal authorities, took to online forums to find advice on how to commit the crime.

I see two distinct claims:

  1. The reddit user asking those questions is Paul Combetta.

  2. He used the information to remove Clinton's name from the emails.

Is there any evidence to support either of these claims?

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    allegedly tied to and Some people have interpreted I don't see much of a claim here. And what proof would be good enough? – user22865 Sep 20 '16 at 14:40
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    This is being investigated. For any real answer, we probably need to wait until the investigation completes. However, the gateway pundit claims that he asked for advise on how to delete emails, for which I can find no proof at all. My assumption is that they are misunderstanding something. Honestly, this seems like a bunch of nothing to me. No actual information was stripped, just the private email address of Clinton itself. – tim Sep 20 '16 at 15:45
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    this probably counts as too much of a current events question. We may just have to wait and see how it all pans out. – Murphy Sep 20 '16 at 16:15
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    Confirmation of the investigation – user22865 Sep 21 '16 at 7:30
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    reddit.com/r/exchangeserver/comments/2bmm4l/… and the actual Reddit conversation (with the question deleted along with the account that originated it). – jwenting Sep 21 '16 at 17:03

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