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Refer to an Independent article ( circa 1996), "Brainy sons owe intelligence to their mothers"

Intelligent men owe their brains to their mothers, according to research published today in The Lancet.

Growing evidence shows that several genes which determine intelligence appear to be located on the X chromosome, the one men inherit from their mothers .Any mutation on the X chromosome has more effect on a man than a woman because a woman inherits X chromosomes from both her parents, which tends to dilute the gene's impact.

But a man only has one X chromosome inherited from his mother, which is paired with the much smaller Y chromosomes from his father. Therefore, an intelligence-enhancing X gene has more of a chance of becoming the predominate gene, determining the man's basic intelligence, looks and character.

WSJ carried similar story.

Sorry, Dad. You may be responsible for your son's big nose, but all the credit for the kid's genius goes to Mom.


Boys inherit their intelligence from their mothers, according to Gillian Turner, an Australian geneticist. She cites growing evidence that several genes for intelligence are located on the X chromosome, which men inherit only from their mothers (along with a tiny Y from their fathers). Women, in contrast, receive an X chromosome from each parent so they can theoretically inherit their father's intelligence.

Is this a claim accepted by the scientific community?

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