Malana is an ancient Indian village in the state of Himachal Pradesh.

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It is believed that the people live there are descendants of Greek soldiers of Alexander's army.

The above claim is mentioned in almost every web page that mentions Malana.

Some examples:

  1. campusdiaries

  2. kullutourism.com

  3. traveltriangle.com

  4. scoopwhoop.com

  5. Trawell.in

Are there any historical or archaeological studies done on this claim?

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"The Ethnological and Historical Enigma-The Malanese People of Kulu Valley." The Oriental Anthropologist (2016) vol. 16 :

It has been emphasized before that though the Greek origin theory of Malanis mentioned above caters only to popular appeal, with a few words of 'Kanashi', physical features of the people and the bicameral political structure present in Malana appearing to be of Greek provenance, recent genetic-typing of the Malani population is more consistent with an Indo-Aryan origin.

See also The Most Ancient Democracy in the World is a Genetic Isolate: An Autosomal and Y-Chromosome Study of the Hermit Village of Malana (Himachal Pradesh, India) Human Biology (2010) vol. 2, pages 123-141

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