There are many articles on how baldness is inherited (mostly from the mother's side of the family).

In the BBC Life program, the narrator linked baldness to higher levels of testosterone.

Is baldness inherited?

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Baldness is heritable, it does have to do with testosterone and you inherit one of the responsible genes from you mum.

Specifically, a particular variant of the gene that makes a protein called Androgen Receptor is required for the most common form of baldness to develop. Androgen receptor binds to testosterone.

Interestingly, the AR gene lives on the X-chromosome. Because all males inherit their Y-chromosome for their Dad, they have to get their X- from Mum. So, if you're worried about going bald you should look at your mum's brothers to get an idea of what you might have inherited.

There are no doubt other genes that contribute to baldness.

Here's the paper that uncovered the link for AR (open access FTW):

  • Or you mum's dad, if she has no male siblings. Commented May 17, 2017 at 20:08

Yes, baldness is hereditary. In fact, it has to do with your mother. Apparently, you inherit baldness from your mother.


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