The controversy around the existence of global warming is very prominent, and hot debate. There are as many people claiming that global warming doesn't exist, as there are claiming that it exists.

Example arguments claims may be as the following:

Against (global warming doesn't exist):

No Significant and Prolonged Temperature Changes Since 1997 – Scientists who argue against global warming say global warming isn’t real because since the 90s there hasn’t been a significant temperature change. The upswing in the temperature started from 1975, continued till 1997 and the temperature has been flat since then which clearly states that there isn’t any significant change in temperature in last 17 years.

There are many others including:

  • Not Enough Historical Data Available
  • Arctic Ice Increased by 50% Since 2012
  • Climate Models used are Proven to be Unreliable
  • Early Predictions About the Effects of Warming Have Been Proven Wrong

For (global warming exists):

Shrinking Glaciers – The glaciers on several mountain ranges, particularly in Greenland and Antarctica, are decreasing in size due to reduction in gases that help to maintain temperatures, and changes in the region's climate. Studies conducted by NASA’s Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment show Greenland lost 36 to 60 cubic miles of ice every year between 2000 and 2006.

There are many others including:

  • Rise in Ocean Temperature
  • Rise in Earth’s Average Temperature
  • Rise in Sea Level
  • Increase in pest species
  • Increase in "freeing" of detritus
  • Ocean Acidification


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