I came across the below gif thanks to the security.stackexchange.com chat and while this looks more realistic than most "man dodges cars" viral videos, I'm still skeptical.

Here is the accompanying YouTube video I found, and the car horns sounded super stock, plus the fact I feel like some of those cars were far enough away to at least start braking.

Is this authentic?


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In the question you (indirectly) refer to a Vine video by Logan Paul which you acknowledge as fake.

The gif is derived from a Vine video by- you guessed it! - Logan Paul - it is the same stunt performer in both videos.

Granted, it is remotely possible that the first video was a fake and six months later the same person did the same skill live, but I hope you will agree that this is strong evidence the second video was produced using similar camera-trick techniques.


I know this is really old, but came across it randomly and thought I'd add a video explaining how this is done in video editing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63qn9w-a2ok


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