As a Christmas present on the 25th I just got a leaflet from UKIP in my post stating that

44% of Londoners say that cutting EU immigration would help solve the London housing crisis.

There are no references on the leaflet except for a NationBuilder based website, where you have to register (and according to the comments even after that they need to verify you and won't get access).


I tried to search for this claim but couldn't find any references where it originates from, or any additional information, like who they actually consider Londoner.

Is this claim still true?

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    As im finding those number nowhere as well i tried to create a fake account for that page. Turns out you need to get whitelisted for that page, not even a (fake) UKIP Account can access it. Submitted my account details to bugmenot.com. – James Cameron Dec 25 '15 at 22:52

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