According to Lin, Bo (Deputy General Director at Furi E-Bike1): he says the following in an interview in the program Horizons from WOBI:

Bicycles to lead acid battery generates some pollution. The government has some regulations to limit bike lead-acid battery. But the lithium battery bicycles are much better, create less pollution and are lightweight.

To what the presenter says:

with a load of 5-8 hours of an electrical connection in the wall of house, average e-bike with lithium battery should yield a coverage of 50 km, producing only 1/10 of carbon emissions per mile of a conventional electric car.

is this assertion accurate?

I couldn't find the episode online, but I recorded an video sample and I had upload the part of the interview at MEGA (low quality "especially the sound" and has subtitles in Spanish, but I hope that may count as the source of my question).

I also found similar questions, but I consider some different from mine.

1 The full name of the Chinnese company is Tianjin Fushida Bicycle Co.

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Doesn't seem to be a much studied subject, but there's a study titled Electric Vehicles in China: Emissions and Health Impacts which also claims the emissions from eBikes are ~ 1/10th of those of eCars.

As the title suggests, the study is from a whole another field, but there's a section dealing with comparing emission levels from various forms of transportation in China, including electric vechiles. According to the study, medium emissions of CO2 for eCars are ~ 122 g/km-1 and ~ 18g/km-1 for eBikes respectively.

If that information might be of help, perhaps take a look for yourself, it won't take much time. Link to PDF Edit: link fixed

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