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From 'common sense/general knowledge' many of these numbers seem reliable, but I'm very interested in the actual sources for these numbers. How reliable are these claims?
I find a lot of on line articles citing (similar) claims, but have a hard time finding the original sources (e.g. for the exact time periods mentioned).

Here are the claims written out, numbered by me for easy reference:

1. 26% of NHS doctors were born abroad. The BMA advises that without immigrants many NHS services would struggle to provide effective care.

2. Almost 5.5 million British live permanently abroad

3. Immigrants are 60% less likely to claim benefits than a British born person.

4. Between 1995 and 2011, EU immigrants contributed £8.8 billion more than they gained.

5. Most studies suggest that immigration has no signifiant effect on British employment or unemployment.

6. EU countries first time asylum applications January to March 2015:
Germany 73135
Hungary 32810
Italy 15245
France 11435
Sweden 11435
Austria 9710
UK 7395

7. Registered Syrian refugees 4015256
2.2 million in Egypt, Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon
1.8 million in Turkey
24000 in North Africa
49.5% males, 50,5% females
according to the UN Refugee Agency

8. Latest government data shows over 610000 empty home in England, with over 200000 dwellings unoccupied for over 6 months (emptyhomes.com)

Initial research results:

  1. Related questions: Is there a link between rising UK youth unemployment and immigration from Eastern Europe? and Is immigration causing unemployment among low-skill workers in the UK?

  2. Eurostat Asylum quartely report (slight variation in numbers, but good match).
    The contents of this link may change next quarter, here is the table you can use to calculate

  3. The UNHCR has a page with running totals, as of 13 aug 2015 this lists 4016227 Syrian refugees, with the same gender distribution:
    enter image description here

  4. Emptyhomes.com does indeed mention those numbers, refering to the Gov.UK Live tables on dwelling stock


  • I realize this is a broad question; it is obviously more than one claim if you count the facts listed in the picture, but since this picture is distributed 'as is' I have decided to still put up the question here (risking 'too broad' votes).

  • There is another picture floating around containing a subset of claims:

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