According to this article and this post a man hit himself with a boomerang and then proceeded to sue himself.

A Kentucky man who threw a boomerang that flew back and hit him on the head has sued himself for US$300,000 (HK$2.32 million) - and won.

And astonishingly, it will not cost him a cent because all the money he won comes from his insurance company.

Is this true, or has there ever been a case where somebody has successfully sued themselves, won, and gotten their insurance company to pay for it?


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As per "What Goes Around, Litigates Around", Snopes.com, it seems to be fake.

The "What the 'F' Facts" post renewed interest in the story of Larry Rutman, which is nothing more than a fictional tale that has been floating around the online world since it was first published in the Weekly World News back in 1996

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