This suggest that someone from european lineages, can tell its origin from the shape of its feet. Does it really work?

enter image description here


Unfortunately, it seems to be an unfounded suggestion having no actual evidence to back it up, just unsubstantiated claims. I can't find any empirical evidence for or against it though.

Note that most of the sites with an article on this subject also make other claims about what your feet say about you, like how they indicate temperament and other personality traits (e.g. http://amazingbeautifulworld.net/interesting-facts/5-feet-shapes-really-indicate-rootsheritage). I'm extremely sceptical of this assertion, and also cannot find studies to confirm or deny this. However, there are several other questions about physiognomy on this site that are generally discredited (e.g. Is "face reading" accurate?).

In conclusion, there seems to be a lack of research regarding your particular question (unless someone else can find something), so it's impossible for me to say whether or not its implied claim is accurate.

EDIT: In relation to Suma's comment, there may be some basis to the claim — though not to anywhere near the extent implied by the image. The second comment does seem to suggest that you cannot deduce someone's heritage from this trait; it's just a genetic thing, like eye and hair colour.

  • Welcome to Skeptics! This answer merely shows that you were unable to find evidence. How do we know if you searched sufficiently? – Oddthinking May 15 '15 at 16:28

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