In Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol, at 116:42, Ethan Hunt (played by Tom Cruise) drives a BMW 1181 hatch off of an auto car transporter:

enter image description here

He was wearing his seatbelt:

enter image description here

And the air bag deploys:

enter image description here

Later on, at 120:15, one of the other agents says that is was a 100m vertical drop, and that the insurance doesn't cover that.

I have 3 parts to this question:

  1. Was it really 100m? This photo shows how far it is from where Ethan is to the floor:

enter image description here

I only count 7 or 8 levels for cars, and assunming that each bay is 2m tall (i.e. tall enough for a Land Rover discovery) that would make the drop around 20m. Maybe I've made a mistake in my estimations etc.

  1. Would the seatbelt help at all? Was it right for him to wear it?

  2. Could he have survived the drop, concious enough to open a briefcase and hit a stop button repeatedly for 33 seconds?

    1. Could he have survived the real drop (I'm assuming it wasn't 100m)

    2. Could he have survived a 100m drop?

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    Was it "really" 100m? It's a movie, it's not "really" anything... This is not a notable claim, but just an action movie. – Sklivvz Mar 23 '15 at 19:01
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