According to Over or under? The science of toilet paper orientation and Over or under? The great toilet paper debate

... some studies suggest that the answer is more than coincidence. For instance, people who orient their rolls “over” are more organized and characterized as over-achievers. ... This group represents 70 percent of the people who actually care that much about toilet paper. The remaining 30 percent of this peculiar study group are the “unders”. Characterized as “laid-back”, “artistic”, and “dependable”.

Is there really evidence that one's preference has any correlation with one's personality, and if so, why?

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    If the claimed correlation between toilet paper orientation and personality is sufficiently big, then it necessitates in particular a correlation between the character traits mentioned. For example, being "organized" should correlate with being an "over-achiever", and being "laid-back" should correlated with being "artistic" and "dependable". – Saibot Jan 18 '15 at 13:53
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    @Salbot: Likely, yes. Necessitates? No. A can be significantly correlated to B, and A can be significantly correlated to C without B & C being correlated. – Oddthinking Jan 18 '15 at 16:24
  • @Oddthinking: absolutely, note the "If" at the beginning of my comment. – Saibot Jan 18 '15 at 18:29
  • Well someone called Oddthinking keeps deleting my posts unfortunately, but I think if you look at the sources on that infographic you will find that it is based on a Kimberly Clark survey, and that it is difficult to find any corroborating evidence for these assertions. I could not find any. – jmabs Jan 18 '15 at 23:47
  • Worrying about whether things are related to personality is related to personality... – keshlam Jun 10 '16 at 20:21

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