Some sites make the claim that Boeing has installed an uninteruptible ground-controlled autopilot in aircraft such as the 777 with registration 9M-MRO used for missing flight MH370.

Notable claims (that this system is already installed and could have been misused):

Related references:

Boeing's patent was registered in 2003, so dates after the 2001 9-11 attacks. But also after the 2002 delivery date of the 777 registered as 9M-MRO which was used for flight MH370.

Is there any evidence that any Boeing aircraft are, or have been, fitted with this sort of system prior to delivery to airlines?


All Boeing 777 aircraft use a modular Flight Management Computer (FMC) system. The 777 was designed for software and hardware upgrades in the field, by authorised Licenced Aviation maintenance Engineers (LAME). This allows software and hardware versions to be controlled in much the same way as Microsoft controls upgrades and Service Packs for Windows. The Flight Management Computer System is also designed to manage Datalink communications, so that Airline Management can send revisions to aircraft flight plans en-route, and get confirmation that the changes have been made. The FMC was fully integrated with the Boeing Avionics Integrated Management System (AIMS 2) in 2000. The original Boeing Honeywell Uninterruptible Auto Pilot, using the military QRS 11 Gyrochip, was incorporated in AIMS 1 in 1995. It was a direct result of change in policy by US DoD to promote the Dual-Use Technology and Technology Reinvestment Project in 1995. The Boeing Anti Hijacking patent US7142871B2 followed in 19 February 2003. The Honeywell patent US7475851B2 was issued on 16 April 2003. Hope this is useful!

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