I recently saw a crazy article about bamboo charcoal burgers in Japan. That prompted me to look into bamboo charcoal and among other things, it is allegedly a great deodorizer and can last for 2 years!

Where is the proof? I really would like to use a bag in my fridge but I dont want to waste my money/time.

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    Welcome to Skeptics!. Asking "What's the science?" is too open-ended and broad. Let's focus on a specific claim. We can find a claim that (general) charcoal acts as a deodorizer in your fridge, and see if that is true. That sounds like a good question. Or we can cite a claim that bamboo charcoal has 10 times the surface area OR 4 times the absorption, and see if that is true. (More related to your question, but sounds less interesting to me.) – Oddthinking Sep 12 '14 at 1:47

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