In various cultures throughout the world there is the widespread belief that animals, including companion dogs, are more likely to bite when under the influence of a full moon


IDEAS that the moon inspires insanity in man and beast may be true say researchers who found that animals bite people more often when the moon is full. Doctors at Bradford Royal Infirmary recorded twice the number of animal bites on full moon days.



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In Australia, at least, they don't:

What is already known on this topic

  • Farming folklore holds that dogs bite more at the time of full moons
  • The research literature on the effect of lunar phase on human behaviour has mostly shown no association

What this study adds

  • In Australia no association exists between lunar phase and dog bites requiring hospital admission

Barking mad? Another lunatic hypothesis bites the dust
BMJ 2000; 321 doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1136/bmj.321.7276.1561 (Published 23 December 2000)

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