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Saviez-vous que ?

En 2013, un homme a acheté une maison à côté de celle de son ex-femme juste pour qu’elle puisse voir tous les jours la statue géante du doigt d’honneur qu’il y a installé.

I know this is fake, and I’m sure I’ve already seen this “story” a few times already with different dates, but I can’t find the source, just this image with different watermarks.

Roughly translated from French:

Did you know?

In 2013, a man bought a house next to his ex-wife’s just so that she would see a middle-finger sculpture pointed at her house every day.


Yes, people do things like that. Here's an excerpt from an article about this specific case on a local news site.

Alan Markovitz recently moved into the home where the statue was erected, which happens to be next to the home where his ex-wife now lives with her new lover, whom she reportedly had an affair with while being married to Markovitz.

Markovitz tells Fox 2's Randy Wimbley his plan was to get even with the ex-wife's new lover, and never meant for the matter be made public. However, it soon grabbed local attention when the ex-wife's daughter posted a picture of the statue on twitter.

The installation of the statue also included a spotlight to keep the message illuminated at all hours of the day.

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