I asked the eye doctor if exercises will help my aging vision and he said basically that the benefits of eye exercise are inconclusive. I looked on Skeptics and found that this was discussed 3 years ago in several posts (linked below). One wonders if our understanding has improved over the last three years? Then I looked around the internet for something that looked reliable and found at the American Optometric Association that it helps in the cases of:

Research has demonstrated vision therapy can be an effective treatment option for:

  • Ocular motility dysfunctions (eye movement disorders)
  • Non-strabismic binocular disorders (inefficient eye teaming)
  • Strabismus (misalignment of the eyes)
  • Amblyopia (poorly developed vision)
  • Accommodative disorders (focusing problems)
  • Visual information processing disorders, including visual-motor integration and integration with other sensory modalities


The Skeptics research so far is at (3 years old): Are there any "exercises" for your eyes that will help with near or far sightedness?

Strange way of improving eyesight -- Could it work?

So, the question is: Has our understanding of this subject grown enough since 3 years ago to decide the efficacy of eye exercises?

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