This story is on Facebook, about a video showing chicks being ground up to make breakfast omelets. Is this real or some shock media technique?

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    Where are you seeing that they are made into omelets? The story only says they are ground up and a quick bit of research shows that the ground chicks go into dog food or fertilizer. blogs.discovery.com/animal_news/2009/09/… – Legion600 Apr 16 '14 at 18:55
  • Putting this on hold until there is a real claim made. – Jamiec Apr 16 '14 at 20:46

No, no one is grinding up chicks to make omelettes. That doesn't even make any sense - something that should be easy to figure out if you'd think about the last time you made an omelette yourself. Or ate one. Omelettes, you see, start with eggs. And they don't have feather bits in them.

The video in the linked article does apparently show chicks (apparently the hatchery only wants more hens, and they need to get rid of the male chicks) being ground up as a way to dispose of them. I find it more than a little creepy, and if you read the article, there's no denial - they apparently claim that it's the quickest and least painful way to 'euthanize' the chicks.

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