http://www.quadcitiesrealestate.com/SHOE_ARTICLES/Different_Size_Feet.htm says:

First, you should know that 60% of the population have different size feet that we will pick up when measuring. Contrary to popular belief, the left foot is 80% of the time, the larger foot.  It is explained that 80% of the population is right hand dominant.  That to do any work, you can not lift with the right hand and the right foot forward.  Everything is in the same plain and unbalanced.  Instead you put your right hand forward and your left foot forward.  This creates a three legged stool or tripod and is stable for lifting.  It also exercises the foot opposite the dominant hand more, thus the slight variance in the size of the feet.

How true is it?

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A study done in 1978 seems to show it isn't that simple:

In this study, asymmetries in the size of the two feet were strongly related to sex and hand- edness, right-handed males having larger right feet and right-handed females having larger left feet, the reverse being seen in non-right-handed individuals.

For males, the larger foot is most often on the same side as the dominant hand, and the opposite is true for females.

If a significant proportion of people with different sized feet were female, that would make the claim at plausible. However, the study above did not bear that out. Among those studied, 70% of males had different sized feet compared to 80% of females.

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